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Green-Friendly Initiatives

Eco Friendly Hotel Mission Statement

Fajardo Inn Resort is committed to integrating environmentally sustainable practices throughout our property. Throughout the year, we implement various policies that positively affect the way our hotel in Puerto Rico provides lodging, dining and eco-friendly service.

The property is filled with a wide variety of tropical plants, most of which were raised in our onsite nursery. Our beautiful hotel has a unique setting featuring over forty species of palms and hundreds of tropical fruit trees including longan, rambutan, mangosteen, red guava, purple guava, pitomba, pulasan, edward mango, mameyito, peanut butter, madroño, durian, persimmon, orange, grapefruit, red pomegranate, Brazilian berry and passion fruit.

The Fajardo Inn Resort gardening process is truly an art that keeps the planet’s health in mind. We substitute fertilizer for compost Neem. Effectively-timed sprinklers also help conserve our water. Onsite, we plant the seeds of our produce with gentle care and grow them until full fruits are obtained. This amazing aspect of our hotel in Fajardo, Puerto Rico is due to the owner’s passion for nature and his green thumb.

Sustainability means efficiently using our resources in ways that do not harm the environment. Some of the measures we seek to implement include reducing our water and energy usage by 15% and evaluating our suppliers to ensure they comply with environmental practices as well as successfully comply with the governmental regulations and legislations.

We are committed to creating awareness and motivating a change in the behavior of the employees and guests. In doing so, we have pledged to assist our community by maintaining the nearby areas by participating in local events and donating resources. Fajardo Inn Resort makes an effort to engage our staff to promote the property’s Recycling Program. Our love for the beaches, mountains and natural heritage drives our desire to promote these amazing places.

Some of the actions we’ve taken to reduce our impact on the environment include putting together a Green Team. The team is in charge of developing eco-friendly initiatives that can be implemented onsite. Some of the Green Team’s accomplishments include generating documents on two-sided copies, utilizing recycled paper and providing ample room for bikes and hybrid parking spaces. We also make an effort to reward our ecologically conscious stakeholders. To encourage new eco-friendly ideas, we provide a “suggestion” box which is located at the property’s Front Desk. We encourage you to share your ideas!

As it relates to housekeeping, we offer a linen and towel reuse program to reduce the use of water, energy and detergent. On a similar note, we replace unused amenities only when empty or requested in order to avoid unnecessary waste. Additionally, we’ve replaced incandescent bulbs with fluorescent bulbs, updated our shower heads to offer low flow and only use recycled toilet paper. When feasible, we also use discarded linens to create bags or cloths for internal use. You may notice our bathrooms utilize sensor lights to moderate energy usage!

Our property features two lovely restaurants that are open every day. The restaurants’ policies include only using glass dinnerware instead of Styrofoam and reusing vegetable oil which is recycled by an external contractor. Additionally, some of the fruits, vegetables and herbs used in our specialty dishes are cultivated from our own gardens.

As you can see, we keep a sense of the delicate ecological balance present in everything we do. We hope that as guests at our hotel, you appreciate nature as much as we do and help contribute to the cause. We look forward to accommodating you at one of the most eco-friendly Fajardo, Puerto Rico hotels!