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15 Aug

What is Bioluminescent Bay

What is Bioluminescent Bay? You’ve probably heard about Bioluminescent Bay before. It is the seemingly glowing waters of Puerto Rico. This is a rare glowing phenomenon which only takes place in Puerto Rico and a handful of other places in the world. It’s considered one of the “must do” tours when visiting Puerto Rico, but what is Bio Bay anyway?

Believe it or not, there are a handful of living organisms that produce light or bioluminescence. You may already be familiar with creatures such as fireflies or glow worms – both of which are bioluminescent. Some species of fish, krill and even fungi produce glowing light. In select areas in Puerto Rico, you will find tiny bioluminescent organisms called pyrodiniums bahamenses. First discovered in the Bahamas (hence bahamenses), pyrodiniums bahamenses are only found in a handful of locations in the world. Puerto Rico happens to be home of three of these unique locations.

In Fajardo, you will find this incredible phenomenon in Laguna Grande or Big Lagoon. Surrounded by mangrove trees, the lagoon is protected from wind. You will find peaceful, calm waters in Laguna Grande. But you will have to do a bit of work before you get to experience the glowing organisms. First you will have to kayak from the shore through a thick mangrove lined canal. The tunnel-like path however adds to the experience.

As you make your way towards the opening of the lagoon, you will begin to faintly see the glittering glow in the water with each stroke of your paddle. Once in the lagoon, each disturbance of the water leaves a trail of pyrodiniums bahamenses behind you. Even a simple movement as putting your hand in the water will cause the swirling reaction of these bioluminescent creatures.

Your tour guide will teach you why these creatures do what they do and how they thrive in very few ecosystems. You will also learn about how places like Laguna Grande can be home to such tiny yet amazing creatures.

With something as simple as a paddle, you will have an unforgettable unique experience that will make you understand just how magical the Island of Enchantment it. You can find some excellent tour companies to escort you on your Bio Bay tour here.