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1 Aug

How to Vacation In Puerto Rico Like A Local

Google “vacation in Puerto Rico” and you’ll likely find accounts of mainstream tourist destinations you “must visit”. Looking for something off the beaten path? We’ve put together a collection of not-so-touristy things to do you can try on your next visit.

Vacation in Puerto Rico Like a Local.

  • Sangrilla. You have to try sangria. And, it won’t be hard to find, you’ll see signs for it everywhere. Here, Sangrilla is a little different from what you’re probably used to. Rather than wine, Puerto Ricans use rum and acai. You can get it in Capri Sun-like packets or as a frozen drink, topped with a cherry!
  • Visit unnamed beaches. In Puerto Rico, there’s no shortage of beautiful white sand beached with crystal clear blue water. So, stay off the beaten path. Try some of the less-travel beaches on Vieques or just pull over on the side of the road and hop into the water. Many of these palm tree-lined beaches are tourist-free and perfect for a quick dip.
  • Get your Omega-3s – snack on a Puerto Rican avocado. These delicious fruits are different from what we find on the mainland. The skin is smoother and bright green and the taste is light and juicy.
  • Eat Mofongo. Mofongo is made from plantains and is often topped with meat and/or vegetables. It’s the quintessential Puerto Rican dish. Do not leave Puerto Rico without trying some.
  • Check out Los Kioskos de Luquillo. On your way to Vieques or Culebra, you’ll pass this line of kiosks on the highway. Here, there are open-air restaurants where you can check mofongo and frozen Sangriiia off your to-do list or take it a bit further and try octopus ceviche!
  • Be prepared to party all night – and don’t plan to start before 2 am! Nightlife is big here so make sure to bring your dancing shoes. When it comes to an end, watch the sunrise on the beach.
  • Adventure much? Zipline at El Toro Verde – home to the largest zipline in the world – El Monstruo. You can choose from different courses. 8 segments take two to three hours.
  • Go to Vieques and rent a Jeep. Take the top off and off-road to amazing beaches like Playa Caracas.
  • Kayak in Bioluminescent Bay. Bioluminescent Bay is the largest luminescent bay in the world and some you absolutely must see in person.
  • Visit El Morro. The entrance fee is just $5 – make sure to bring cash – and you’ll get spectacular views (and pictures) of the bay.
  • Wander around old San Juan. The architecture is absolutely stunning and the city is a whole rainbow of color!

At the Fajardo Inn, we’re always happy to answer your questions about the best places to eat, shop and visit like a local. We’re conveniently located on the east coast of Puerto Rico, just steps from the beach and an hour from San Juan. With beautiful swimming pools, tropical gardens, tennis courts, and two full-service restaurants, the Fajardo Inn is the perfect small resort setting for an authentic Puerto Rican getaway. Book your room today.