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5 Jun

Top 5 Reasons To Visit Puerto Rico In 2018

Hurricane Maria did a number on the Island of Puerto Rico. However, there are still plenty of reasons why Puerto Rico vacations are of great value and fun. Despite the hurricane, there are many parts of Puerto Rico that are still beautiful, and accessible. Almost all Island activities are open. Here are our top 5 reasons to visit Puerto Rico in 2018.

  1. Airfare & hotel prices are low. You can fly to Puerto Rico for as little as $350 dollars. Since there are fewer tourists, the hotels that are open, have some great specials. Save serious money by vacationing in Puerto Rico.
  2. The Island is still gorgeous. While parts of Puerto Rico were heavily damaged, (the center of the Island, and the West Coast), San Juan and the East coast are very much accessible. With fewer tourists, you can have many parts of the island to yourself!
  3. Learn about what is really going on in Puerto Rico. Talking to locals, hearing what they have to say, is very different than how Puerto Rico is portrayed in the news.
  4. Become a volunteer in Puerto Rico. There are many local agencies that still need our help. Voluntourism is a way you can combine helping others, with enjoying your time in Puerto Rico.
  5. Pay it forward. Puerto Rico needs tourists. This is a great time to get a well-deserved vacation, while you help the people of Puerto Rico recover.