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15 Sep

Sending Help After Hurricane Irma

Rebuilding After The Storm

There is lots going on in the Caribbean in the wake of hurricane Irma. While Puerto Rico has repairs to make, some of our neighboring islands have been completely devastated by the terrible storm. We’re working hard on repairing the damage to our hotel and the Blue Iguana. But we are fortunate enough that we will get it back in tip-top shape in no time. Our main concern however is with those in both the British Virgin Islands and the US Virgin Islands, many of which have nothing left.

Collections of supplies from our island has been underway for the past several days and have been shipped off to the folks in the Virgin Islands. Here at Fajardo Inn, we collected water, hygiene products, soap, diapers, canned food, clothing and other non-perishable items that our Caribbean neighbors could desperately use. Our collection was taken to the Marina Del Rey where it was loaded on to boats with other supplies and donations.

Just this week, boats full of supplies left from the Marina Del Rey for our sister islands in need. All of this amazing aid was done on a volunteer basis by private citizens. The boats that headed toward the islands in ruin were recreational boats captained by people simply wanting to offer whatever assistance they could. Once the boats have reached their destinations and been unloaded, they will quickly be reloaded with as many of the now-homeless islanders they can carry on the return trip.

Puerto Ricans, though not completely unscathed from the effects of Irma, have really stepped up and created a humanitarian effort to be proud of. The east side of our island has become an emergency hub providing easier access for successful aid efforts. We are extremely proud of the community that has come together to bring help as quickly as possible to those who need it most. While the wrath of Irma has been devastating, we’ve proven that there is no force of nature that can stop the people of the Caribbean from coming together, lifting each other up and rebuilding. We are blessed to still be thriving after the storm and we know that our sister islands will too one day.