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15 Jun

The Best Way To Spend 24 Hours In Fajardo PR

Wondering how to spend a perfect 24 hours in Fajardo PR?

Most think of Fajardo as a well-known oasis for boating and water sports. After all, it’s known as the gateway to Puerto Rican islands Vieques and Culebra. But, Fajardo is more than just the sum of its marinas.

Fajardo offers a picturesque national park, several gorgeous beaches, delicious local food, and the famous glow-in-the-dark Bioluminescent Bay. All are must-not-miss destinations, perfect for unforgettable day-trips in Fajardo, so be sure to plan plenty of time to see them all.

We suggest…

Cabezas de San Juan National Park

Cabezas de San Juan National Park is located on the eastern tip of the island. It offers stunning views of the Caribbean Sea and El Yunque National Rainforest, plus it’s home to a variety of ecological environments. It’s a great place to enjoy a mid-morning snack before heading to Seven Seas Beach.

Seven Seas Beach

Cleverly named for seven distinct shades of blue and green that can be found in its waters, Seven Seas Beach boasts several amenities. Here you can swim, lay in the sun, or simply enjoy a picnic while taking in your surroundings.

If picnics aren’t your thing, have lunch at the Blue Iguana – one of Puerto Rico’s best Mexican restaurants, located right here at the Fajardo Inn. As the sun goes down, take a dip in turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea or in one of our onsite pools before you head out to…

Bioluminescent Bay

No trip to Fajardo is complete without first visiting world-famous Bioluminescent Bay. The best time to visit any bio bay is during the new moon, so do what you can to plan accordingly. This way, it’s dark enough so that only the stars and bioluminescent organisms are visible. TIP: the glowing phenomenon is caused by tiny single-celled organisms called dinoflagellates that release energy in the form of light.

While there, try kayaking. Several local companies like Yokahú Kayak Trips offers tours of the bay.

On your way back, look for local Kiosks along route 3 that sell all sorts of crispy snacks, fritters, turnovers, and cheap drinks.

There you have it. Now you know how to spend an amazing 24 hours in Fajardo PR. We look forward to welcoming you. Our inn features 125 rooms, 3 conference centers, restaurants, swimming pools, a tennis court and more. Book your room today.