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15 Feb

Planning a Destination Wedding

Congratulations! You are recently engaged and thinking of planning a destination wedding. What an exciting time in your lives. Let the fun of planning your special day begin. While planning a wedding can often be stressful, it doesn’t have to be completely overwhelming. Some pre-planning, organization and taking things step by step can help you break down the lengthy process. We’ve got a few tips to help you with the planning process.

Understand Your Destination

Choosing your wedding destination is probably the one of the most important decisions for your wedding. It is important that you do your homework and don’t just pick a place on a whim. Take the time and effort to do some legwork ahead of time to really get to know the destinations on your list. Exchanging your vows is a big deal, so don’t let lack of knowledge cause some potential surprises. Think about legalities, climate, culture, transportation and other logistics, lodging, amenities and services in the area. What help is available to help you pull off the wedding of your dreams? What are the transportation options for you and your guests? What do you need to pack and bring with you vs. what items can you pick up after arriving? There is much to consider when choosing where you will be celebrating your wedding day.

Take the Plunge…on Booking

You are already making one of the biggest commitments of all time, so don’t be afraid to commit to your destination. It is best to book your wedding venue, lodging and and any services that you’ll be needing as early as possible. Making your reservations early will allow you the options you deserve on your big day. Don’t get backed into a corner or end up broken hearted because your dream destination has already been taken.

Know What You are Getting

It is important to know exactly what you are getting at your chosen wedding venue. Understand what is included or available to you aside from the destination. You are not only getting a great location for your wedding at Fajardo Inn, but we also work with the best wedding planners in Puerto Rico. You will have the best help available to you, guiding you every step of the way.  We love hosting weddings and can accommodate receptions of many sizes. From a small private celebration, to a large gathering of up to 250 guests, our resort is perfect for your perfect day. We also have amazing honeymoon packages, and the best atmosphere for you to celebrate your life journey with your special someone.

Come Early

Your destination wedding may have a lot of details for you to focus on and you don’t want to be frantic at the last minute. Even though you may be taking time after your wedding to honeymoon, it is a great idea to head to your destination early to wrap up the details that still need tending to. This allows you to take care of business long before your guests arrive. Who knows, you may even end up with a little free time for some much needed rest and relaxation before your big day!

Get Ready to Celebrate

It can sometimes be easy to get wrapped up in all of the “to-dos” required to say “I do”. But don’t forget that weddings are a celebration. A celebration of love and journeys to last a lifetime. Planning your destination wedding and pulling all of the details together should be enjoyable and satisfying. This is after all your day that you get to design perfectly for you. Celebrate the process that leads you to the “Big Day” as much as you will on your big day.