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1 Jul

The Perfect Puerto Rico Evening

A Night In Puerto Rico

When vacationing, it can be very easy to fill your days with fun and exciting activities that your destination has to offer. But often times the evenings can be an afterthought. Here on the Island of Enchantment, your evenings can be just as enjoyable as your days. Puerto Rico is full of unique activities both day and night. To help get the ball rolling, we’ve got a few relaxing and fun ideas on how you can spend your perfect Puerto Rico evening.


Of course there is nothing like a delicious meal after a day full of fun. Our onsite dining options are perfect for experiencing Puerto Rican cuisine. The Blue Iguana Mexican Grill & Bar is our casual option perfect for keeping your dining experience simple. Enjoy a game of pool after your meal in The Blue Iguana’s sports bar feel. Or for a fine dining experience, join us at the Star Fish Restaurant. Here you have the choice of dining inside or outside on the veranda overlooking the pool, the Atlantic Ocean and our gardens.

Watching the Sunset

Sunrises and sunsets are beautiful daily events. Taking in a caribbean sunset is like no other. If you haven’t seen one, you are missing out. Watching the sun sink down along horizon is breathtaking. Whether from the sandy shores of the beach, or your private balcony, watching the sun go down never gets old.

Take a Stroll

Evenings are beautiful in Puerto Rico. Just because the day is winding down, doesn’t mean you have to retreat to your room for the evening. The evenings are perfect for a taking a stroll, especially along the beach. With dwindling crowds, you’ll have the opportunity to focus more on the sound of the waves rolling in one after another, the birds flying just overhead calling to their mates, and the beautiful day turning into a gorgeous night. An evening stroll on the beach is the perfect time to see if you can spot some beautiful sea shells, sand dollars and more. Be sure to be on the look out for sea turtle nests however and not to disturb them as these beautiful creatures are protected.

Bioluminescent Bay

An evening at Bioluminescent Bay is a must in Puerto Rico. Pick a tour company to guide you through the red mangrove tree lined channel that leads you to the lagoon. Thick with growth, kayaking through the channel feels as though you are in a tunnel made of a healthy and thriving ecosystem. Glide through the quiet waters lit only by small lights on each kayak in your tour group and the occasional view of moonlight pouring through the thick brush. You will be amazed by each stroke of your paddle as it causes tiny microorganisms to glow in the water. Like glitter in the water, there are only five places in the world where you can experience this exact phenomenon that Mother Earth has gifted to us and Puerto Rico is home to three of them.

The Song of the Coqui

As the evening draws to a close, you may find yourself sitting on your balcony or maybe even poolside listening to the song of the Coqui. The unofficial mascot of Puerto Rico, the Coqui is a tree frog found only on our Island of Enchantment. The powerful voice of the male Coqui can be heard for miles, creating the perfect ambiance for a little romance or even to lull you to sleep. Instead of the sounds of crickets chirping on a summer evening, you’ll enjoy to song of the Coqui as you close out your day here in Puerto Rico.