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1 Aug

Things To Try In Puerto Rico: Luquillo Kiosks

One thing to add to your “must-do” list while visiting Puerto Rico is the Luquillo Food Kiosks. While of course there is great food available all over the island, the kiosks are a great way to experience delicious Puerto Rican cuisine. The easy to get to location is the perfect way to try a variety of foods in a casual environment without blowing the budget while on the island.

Located next to the beautiful Luquillo Beach, the Luquillo Kiosks house as many as 60 kiosks. That’s a lot of food options to choose from and indulge in all in one place. After spending the day at Luquillo Beach, you will find that the kiosks are the perfect place to satisfy the hunger worked up from all of that beaching.

Enjoy delicious mofongo or empanadillas or, for less adventurous eaters,  stick with something more familiar if that is your preference. With food choices that include Puerto Rican cuisine, barbecue, pizza, burgers, Mexican, Peruvian, seafood and more, there is delicious food available to all who visit.  Some popular kiosks include La Parilla, Congos, Ay Bonito!, Ceviche Hut, Edelweiss and more. The restaurants themselves change from time to time at the kiosks, so you will want to ask around for the latest and greatest recommendations.      

From the outside, the kiosks look a bit rustic; maybe even questionable for a great dining experience, but don’t let that deter you. Once you have selected a restaurant and step foot in its stall, you will quickly be reminded of your proximity to the coastline. Many of the kiosk stalls are open from the back of the building, allowing you to enjoy an open-air feeling. Even when dining with a roof over your head protected from a late afternoon rain, you may feel as though you are enjoying your meal outdoors. The breeze off of the Atlantic Ocean wafts through the stalls reminding you that you are in the Caribbean. Some of the stalls even have a rooftop deck perfect for sipping a pina colada while catching a Puerto Rican sunset.    

The Luquillo Kiosks are a must for any visitor to Puerto Rico and are just a short drive from Fajardo. You won’t want to miss visiting the Luquillo Kiosks on your Puerto Rican getaway.