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vacationing in Pueto Rico
15 Oct

Know Before you go: 7 Tips for Vacationing in Puerto Rico

It’s getting to be that time of year where the travel bugs bites and causes the urge for some well-earned vacationing. If you are planning a nice getaway to Puerto Rico, there are some important things to know before you go. Especially if it is your first trip to the Island of Enchantment. Don’t get caught off-guard in paradise. Here are 7 things to know before you go: tips for vacationing in Puerto Rico.

Leave your passport behind

Since Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the United States, it’s not much different than traveling from one state to the next within the country. People living in Puerto Rico are U.S. citizens. which means a passport is not required for Americans traveling from the mainland to the island and vice versa. This is especially good news if you don’t already have a valid passport since it saves you time, hassle and money.

No currency exchange

Also another great thing about traveling from the mainland is that there is no need to exchange your money when you arrive. Puerto Rico uses the U.S. dollar for currency. That also means you can easily use your credit and debit cards and ATMs are easy to locate on the island. One less thing to worry about when vacationing in Puerto Rico.

Culture, culture, culture

Puerto Rico is a wonderful place to experience culture. Our island is rich in culture from a vibrant mixture of music and dance, delicious flavors of the island to beautiful Spanish-inspired architecture and cobblestone streets. You may even run into a fiesta while visiting. Puerto Rico is a place of celebration. There is much to experience in this proud culture.


If you can speak Spanish, then great! But do not fret if not. While Spanish is the dominant language in Puerto Rico, the island has two official languages. Both Spanish and English. This means that if English is your only language, or your Spanish-speaking skills aren’t up to par, you won’t have any issues communicating while here on the island. Most people who live on the island can speak both Spanish and English, making Puerto Rico once again a great place for Americans to visit.

Be smart about the sun

Hitting the beach or spending the day exploring the island can be wonderful – until you end up with a sizzling sunburn. Something as small as too much sun can really put a damper on your trip. Take a few precautions and pack appropriately to make sure that doesn’t happen to you. Apply sunscreen early and often. Don’t think that you can sneak a few hours of sunscreen-free adventures in the sun. You can become pretty burned before you even realize it. Take a hat and sunglasses with you and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.  

Don’t just sit around

Yes of course, at some point lounging while on vacation is a must. Puerto Rico is an excellent place for slowing down and relaxing. However, Puerto Rico is also a place made for adventure. Take some time to explore the island. Visit the rainforest, take some hikes and book some tours. Adventures by land and by sea await!

Beach time

Ah…finally the beach. Of course you need to have some beach time while vacationing in Puerto Rico! And the beaches here are magnificent. The perfect place to listen to the sound of the swirling sea and relax on the warm sand.

Happy travels!