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15 Sep

Know before you go: planning your trip to Fajardo

Planning a trip to Fajardo, PR? Not only is Fajardo one of the most beautiful spots in Puerto Rico known for its recreational water sports like boating, diving, and snorkeling, it’s an important historical and ecological center point as well. If you’re planning a trip to Fajardo, here are some important things you’ll want to know before you go.

Fajardo History

Fajardo is commonly referred to as “La Metropolis del So Naciente” or the city that guards the sun of the Caribbean. Founded in 1772 under the name Santiago de Fajardo, it was later used as an invasion point by the USS Puritan. Captain Frederic W. Rodger ordered his men ashore – including some Puerto Rican volunteers – with the mission of posting the American Flag atop the lighthouse. Now, Fajardo is a beacon for boaters, beach-goers, and divers alike. It’s also considered a gateway to Puerto Rico’s popular Culebra and Vieques islands.

Water Sports in Fajardo

Located on Puerto Rico’s northeastern shoreline on the Atlantic Ocean, north of Ceiba and east of Luquillo, Fajardo is a major boating center, with plenty of rental and charter companies to help you with your boating needs. Typically, these companies also offer sport-diving excursions and scheduled ferries and air services to carry passengers or cargo to and from Culebra and Vieques. These beautiful beaches are surrounded by calm, clear water ideal for snorkeling. Seven Seas Beach offers great water sports facilities, offshore points for sailing, snorkeling and plenty of scuba diving.

Natural Wonders In Fajardo

Las Cabezas de San Juan in Fajardo is one of the most important natural preserves to visit on your trip to Fajardo, PR. Las Cabezas means “headlands” and refers to 3 masses of high land that extend into the ocean. Each is an impressive example of different ecological systems that include coral reefs, beaches, lagoons, mangroves, and dry forest. The preserve is also home to several endangered species.

Nestled in this natural wonder is a 19th-century lighthouse known as “El Faro de las Cabezas de San Juan” which has been beautifully restored by the local conservation trust. El Faro de las Cabezas features an information center and observation deck, boasting breathtaking views of El Yunque rainforest. You’ll need to make a reservation prior to arriving, so make sure you call ahead if you plan to visit.

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At the Fajardo Inn, we’re always happy to answer any questions about your trip to Fajardo, PR. We’re conveniently located on the east coast of Puerto Rico, just steps from the beach and an hour from San Juan. With beautiful swimming pools, tropical gardens, tennis courts, and two full-service restaurants, the Fajardo Inn is the perfect resort for romantic getaways, family vacations, weddings, and reunions. Book your room today.