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1 Oct

Hurricane Maria Update

Puerto Rico Volunteers Update

Many people have come to Puerto Rico to volunteer. Hurricane Maria has done a number on our beautiful Island of Enchantment. While the devastation is fierce and widespread, we want people to know that we are strong. We have weathered the storm and will continue to do so with each passing day. Fajardo Inn is open despite challenges from Maria. Most importantly, we want the world to know that the storm was tough, but we are tougher. We will be coming back better than ever and there is nothing that can stop us.

As the only open hotel in the Fajardo area, we are still welcoming guests, and volunteers. We have food and our restaurants are open. If you currently have a reservation, you are welcome here at Fajardo Inn. The roads are clear and passable from San Juan to Fajardo. If you are in need of lodging or food and do not have a reservation, you are also welcome here at Fajardo Inn. Come see us in our office. We will be here for you.

With widespread destruction, Puerto Rico needs your help. As word of aid makes its way to the island, we know that recovery efforts needed will be great. Many collection efforts have started and the generosity of others is helpful. Here are just a few ways that you can help with the crisis Puerto Rico is facing in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria:

The Salvation Army


United for Puerto Rico

Global Giving

American Red Cross

Many of these organizations are collecting for other disasters but do allow donors to specify which crisis your donation should go to.

Please know that we will not give up here at Fajardo Inn. We will thrive again despite challenges we have and will face. We appreciate all the prayers and support from around the world.