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1 Jul

How To Help Puerto Rico Nearly A Year After Irma and Maria

In recent posts, we covered how to help Puerto Rico after the devastation of hurricanes Irma and Maria.

Specifically, we highlighted top aid organizations collecting donations and relief operations seeking volunteers. Whether through distributing food and supplies, or identifying homes in need of critical repair, there is no shortage of ways to help. And, your help is still needed!

So, in partnership PBS, we’ve come up with some more great ideas around where to give your time and money.

Where to Give Cash for Reconstruction

ConPRmetidos and Foundation for Puerto Rico have been fundraising since September 2017. Donations to their Puerto Rico Real-Time Recovery Fund are used to help restore power, pay for structural repairs in the most marginalized communities, and improve needs assessment efforts.

Unidos Por Puerto Rico focuses on helping individuals and small businesses on the island recover by offering support for housing, food and health needs.

The Hurricane Maria Community Relief & Recovery Fund supports immediate and long-term rebuilding of Puerto Rico by awarding grants to local initiatives and low-income communities most impacted by the hurricane.

The Center for Disaster Philanthropy addresses an assortment of long-term recovery needs, including mental health treatment and the rebuilding of infrastructure, homes, and businesses. Donations may also go towards other areas affected by the 2017 hurricane season.

As mentioned before, other national and global humanitarian organizations, such as Oxfam, American Red Cross, International Medical Corps, Americares, Save the Children and The Salvation Army are collecting donations to mobilize supplies and volunteers on the island.

GoFundMe (a crowdfunding platform) has a list of other fundraising efforts by organizations and families you can donate to directly.

Where to Give Cash for Supplies

LifeStraw’s Safe Water Fund helps deliver LifeStraw water filtration systems to affected communities. These systems can provide up to 26,400 gallons of safe water to every community they serve.

Operation Agua distributes water filtration systems to the island’s most remote areas. A $30 donation buys an in-home purifier for a family in need and provides up to 24 liters of filtered water per day.

UNICEF USA is distributing Emergency Relief Kits to children and families without access to clean water. Aside from essential sanitary products, the kits include water containers and water purification tablets to store clean water.

Where to Give Your Time and Energy

Use Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters (VOAD) to be paired with teams on the ground. National VOAD seeks to alleviate the impact of disasters by providing a forum of cooperation and collaboration to most effectively deliver aid to communities affected by disaster.

Visit Connect Relief to find other on-the-ground volunteer opportunities organized by foundations and individuals. Connect Relief provide individuals and organizations interested in bringing aid a database on the specific needs of communities, shelters, nonprofit organizations and homes for the elderly.

Fajardo Inn is open and welcoming guests and volunteers! Despite the devastation of hurricanes Irma and Maria, we’re working hard to provide our visitors with a beautiful and relaxing place to stay. You’ll find everything you need here at our resort. Join us in cherishing lovely Puerto Rico and helping its communities recover.