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1 Mar

Give Yourself a Spring Break Trip to Remember

Give Yourself a Spring Break Trip to Remember. March is here and right about now is the time people start getting Spring Fever. You are probably about ready to kiss the winter blues goodbye and want to welcome budding trees and blossoming flowers. It’s time to start planning that spring break trip. While Puerto Rico may not always make the list of top spring break destinations, it certainly should. Check out these four reasons to make your spring escape to Puerto Rico.

We’ve Got It All

Can’t decide between the same old beach and something new? We’ve got you covered. While beaches are an excellent choice for an escape, sometimes you may want some new adventures in your life. Puerto Rico is perfect for you because we’ve got incredible beaches as well as amazing nature experiences. El Yunque National Rainforest, anyone? You can also explore Las Cabezas De San Juan Nature Reserve and the Northeast Ecological Corridor Nature Reserve. Your spring break doesn’t have to be the same old beach story in Puerto Rico.


Since we are talking about beaches, have we mentioned that they are incredible in Puerto Rico?  Well we are in the Caribbean and in case you didn’t know, the Caribbean is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Our Fajardo Inn resort is close to many of the most popular and most beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico.  Let’s face it – a trip to the Caribbean would be incomplete without some beach time.

Easy Access

Getting to Puerto Rico is a snap compared to some other Caribbean destinations. An easy flight from the mainland is within your reach. Even better, when coming from the United States, passports are not required for travel to Puerto Rico. And since Puerto Rico is a U.S. Territory, language barriers are pretty much non-existent here. Puerto Rico’s rich and diverse history has led it to having two official languages. Both Spanish and English are spoken fluently by many people who live here. This makes getting around the island easier for tourists who may want to venture off of resort property while not being bilingual. Of course it is always appreciated when tourists make an effort to speak native tongue. Check out our easy language guide that may come in handy during your visit.


We know that spring breakers may also want to explore the nightlife. Puerto Rico after dark comes alive. San Juan is a wonderful place to enjoy bars and clubs in Puerto Rico and is full of great choices, including La Factoria, which has been rated among the top 100 bars in the world! From nightclubs to lounges and all kinds of bars, San Juan has your nighttime adventures covered. Puerto Rico also offers one of the most unique nightlife experiences of all time: Bioluminescent Bay. Bioluminescent Bay has the ability to naturally glow in the dark. Microorganisms are responsible for creating this effect. With a plethora of marine life, there are fewer places in the world better to jump in a kayak and paddle through the glowing water. This is a must see while visiting the amazing island of Puerto Rico.

Get out there and get that spring break trip locked up. We know you are ready for your spring escape, and so is the Island of Enchantment.