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fun facts about Puerto Rico
1 Sep

Fun Facts about Puerto Rico

You may already know that Puerto Rico is a fabulous place to visit and has tons to offer. Whether you are adventurous at heart or are looking for a place to calm and rejuvenate your spirit, Puerto Rico is the place for either. But what else do you know about Puerto Rico? Maybe not enough. So here are some fun facts about Puerto Rico.

Island of Enchantment

This you may already know – especially if you have visited a time or two. Puerto Rico is nicknamed the Island of Enchantment. The island holds so many amazing wonders that it cannot be anything but enchanted. Rainforests, tropical beaches, waterfalls, fantastic architecture and an interesting history pack the island full of enchantment.

Puerto Rico Origin

What does Puerto Rico mean anyway? The commonwealth’s name is Spanish and means “rich port”. Originally claimed as San Juan Bautista, Columbus changed the island’s name to Puerto Rico after the discovery of gold in the river. San Juan then became the name of the capital city.

Puerto Rico officially became a commonwealth on July 25, 1952.

Island Size

Puerto Rico is the easternmost island in the Greater Antilles. Also the smallest of the group, the island is shaped a little bit like a rectangle and spans 111 miles from the eastern most point to the western most point. It is just 36 miles from the north to the south.  This does not include two major islands just offshore – Vieques and Culebra. Vieques makes up another 51 miles and Culebra is 24 more miles of beautiful island serenity.

Song and Dance

The official bird is the Reinita and the anthem is “La Borinquena.” The lyrics of La Borinquena represent some of the island’s treasured enchantment. The Reinita joins in on the enchantment as a brightly colored, singing bird.


Puerto Rico offers a pretty stable climate in terms of temperature. Northwestern trade winds help keep the tropical island from becoming a sweltering oven. Daily average high temperatures range from 77 degrees in January to 82 degrees in July. The lowest temperature ever recorded in San Juan was 60 degrees and the highest was 97 degrees!

This means it is the perfect place to visit any time of the year. So when you get a craving to put your feet in the sand in November (or any month of the year!), don’t hesitate to come on down.

The fun facts about Puerto Rico don’t stop here. There are so many interesting facts about Puerto Rico that you can continue to read about here.