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birding in fajardo
15 Aug

Even More About Birding in Fajardo

All about birding in Fajardo.

Did you know that Puerto Rico is home to more than 120 bird species? It’s true. That makes the island an ideal place to visit for anyone interested in birdwatching. Here’s everything you need to know about birdwatching in Fajardo.

Puerto Rico is home to more than 120 Bird but numbers closer to 400 have been reported

These numbers include species both native and deliberately introduced. Not all are endemic and some are rarely spotted. Additionally, Puerto Rico is “home” to birds that breed elsewhere and spend winters on the island.

According to some, from an evolutionary standpoint, the island is the perfect place for bird species to thrive, with 17 surviving endemic species thriving on the island. By comparison, the 48 contiguous United States (which is more than 800 times the size of Puerto Rico) has only 11.

You can look for birds in El Yunque

Just a short distance from the Inn, El Yunque is a one-stop paradise for birding lovers. Here, you’ll find a variety of species including:

Endemics: Tody, Woodpecker, Spindalis, Bullfinch, Tanager, Lizard Cuckoo, Oriole, Screech Owl, Green Mango, Emerald, Flycatcher, Adelaide´s Warbler, Puerto Rican Amazon, Elfin-Woods Warbler, and Vireo

Near endemics: Loggerhead Kingbird, Antillean Euphonia, Lesser Antillean Pewee (rare)

Antillean & Caribbean specialties: Antillean Crested Hummingbird, Antillean Mango, Green-throated Carib

Want to take a guided birdwatching tour?

There are many companies on the island who will guide you through ecosystems such as El Yunque and point out various bird species. AdvenTours, for example, has been in business for over 26 years and aims to offer high-quality, personalized tours. The organization promotes tourism that is economically productive, socially responsible and environmentally friendly.

Puerto Rico is not immune to extinction

Keep in mind birds in Puerto Rico are not immune to extinction. At least five endemic bird species have gone extinct in recent millennia. The cause remains unknown, but some attribute the extinction to climate change while others to the Taino Indians. Moreover, research suggests there were 50 to 60 species of endemic parrots, parakeets and macaws at the time humans arrived in the West Indies. Today, all but 12 are extinct.

So, now more than ever, it’s important to embrace sustainable travel practices wherever you go. Not just for the birds, for all species and us. Read about what makes Fajardo a sustainable travel destination.

The Fajardo Inn is a bird lover’s paradise

The Fajardo Inn is just 30 minute from El Yunque, plus it’s home to a variety of exotic bird species. We offer packages and tours for bird watchers and adventurers alike. For more information, visit our Tours page to learn more about birding in Fajardo.