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15 Aug

Escape to Our Puerto Rican Paradise

It’s back to school time for many families across the United States and we know it can be a super busy time of year. The school supplies, schedules, extracurricular activities and shopping for new clothes for the kids can be overwhelming, stressful and not to mention expensive. It’s ok though. Because once you have all the lunches packed and everyone loaded on the school bus, it is time for you to start planning your escape to our Puerto Rican paradise.

Puerto Rico is the perfect place to escape the stresses of the everyday rat race. Even better, you can relax in paradise without breaking the bank. Fajardo Inn is the perfect place to relax and escape from pressures of everyday life that can drag you down. Whether for a quick weekend getaway or a week long respite, you will feel rejuvenated from the Caribbean lifestyle, sunshine, sand and even some island adventures.

Check out our vacation packages that we already tailor to your need for serenity and revitalization. Grab your friends for a girl’s trip away or even better, bring that special someone along for a romantic weekend getaway. Whichever suits you needs, it doesn’t matter! Just get here and bask in the sun on this beautiful tropical island we call the Land of Enchantment. You will start to feel refreshed the moment you breathe in the Caribbean air. While you may be getting ready for cooler temperatures and fall air elsewhere, you can feel the warmth of the sun in this Puerto Rican paradise on your skin.

So come on, Mom. You’ve taken care of everyone all summer long. You’ve kept the kids entertained and out of trouble all the while ripping your hair out longing for the first day of school. We know you would love for someone to take care of you for a change, even if for just a short while. We’ve got you covered. Now let go and let Puerto Rico take care of you.