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15 Jun

Eco-Friendly Hotel for your Puerto Rican Vacation

The Island of Puerto Rico is an amazing place to experience. For that reason, Fajardo Inn is proud to offer an amazing hotel experience while promoting green initiatives, minimizing the negative impact our hotel has on the environment. Continuously throughout the year, we implement various policies that positively affect how our hotel provides lodging, dining and eco-friendly service simultaneously.

We are proud that the property is filled with many different tropical plants. These plants aren’t just to enhance the beautiful setting of the hotel. Most of the plants on our property were raised onsite in our own nursery. We know that plants are an important part of the ecosystem and work to keep the planet’s health in balance. We effectively time our sprinklers reducing water waste and use compost instead of harsh fertilizers. We even grow our own produce from seeds!

Our commitment to the eco-friendly movement goes further than the gardening process here at Fajardo Inn. We have taken measures to use resources efficiently and have reduced our water and energy usage by 15%. Our “Green Team” develops eco-friendly initiatives that can be implemented on the property and we always welcome new ideas that our guests might have to help make Farjardo Inn an even greener hotel. Recycling programs, reserved hybrid parking and our linen and towel reuse program are important steps we have taken to reduce our impact on this beautiful island paradise.

When you stay with us, you can be rest assured that we are doing our part to keep this island paradise as pristine as can be. We do it every day with pride. We want to ensure that our guests (and us too of course) can enjoy the beauty of Puerto Rico for many generations to come. Surround yourself with nature, beauty and comfort at Fajardo Inn and sleep easy knowing that your stay is eco-friendly.