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1 Jun

Culebra Island: The Perfect Puerto Rican Day Trip

Your visit to Puerto Rico wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Culebra Island. To truly experience a relaxing getaway, hop a ferry and coast to the quaint island. Perfect for unplugging, modern day necessities like Wi-Fi are scarce or non-existent. Culebra Island offers peace and solitude in a setting of never ending natural beauty.

Culebra is known to many as a place where time stood still. The pace is relaxed and slower. The ultimate escape from the rat-race allowing you to experience the magic of true island life. Feel as though you have left the rest of the world behind without having to travel to the ends of the Earth. Your 30 minute ferry ride will take you not just to the island, but to a world all its own. The perfect place for a Puerto Rican day trip.

Culebra is free from large hotel chains and fancy attractions. Residents are quite happy keeping free from overdevelopment. The island’s main attractions are the simple beauty and the natural wonders that it offers. Much of Culebra is considered a natural refuge, keeping this tropical paradise pristine. Must do activities on Culebra include hiking, kayaking, and walking the beautiful beaches. For those who love to snorkel, consider Culebra a must with its abundant coral reefs. In town, you can experience more authentic Puerto Rican cuisine in a relaxed and calm island environment.

 Culebra is also home to Flamenco Beach, one of the most amazing beaches in the world. Flamenco Beach is constantly featured on top beach lists and appears in travel magazines and TV shows. Flamenco Beach is just one of the many unspoiled tropical beaches with crystal blue waters that Culebra has to offer. Culebra is the true beach lover’s paradise.

An easy day trip from Fajardo, you won’t want to miss out on experiencing the island where time stood still. Culebra is an excellent place to recharge your spirit for wherever your life’s adventures take you.