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Hurricane Maria Update

Sadly, Hurricane Maria has done a number on our beautiful Island of Enchantment. While the devastation is fierce and widespread, we want people to know that we are still here. We have weathered the storm and will continue to do so with...
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Sending Help After Hurricane Irma

Rebuilding After The Storm There is lots going on in the Caribbean in the wake of hurricane Irma. While Puerto Rico has repairs to make, some of our neighboring islands have been completely devastated by the terrible storm. We’re working hard on...
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What is Bioluminescent Bay

What is Bioluminescent Bay? You’ve probably heard about Bioluminescent Bay before. It is the seemingly glowing waters of Puerto Rico. This is a rare glowing phenomenon which only takes place in Puerto Rico and a handful of other places in the world....
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3 Tips for Traveling Somewhere New

Traveling somewhere for the first time can bring you new and wonderful experiences. But traveling somewhere for the first time can also be stressful and sometimes leave you with an uneasy feeling. These feelings defeat the whole purpose of taking a vacation...
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The Perfect Puerto Rico Evening

A Night In Puerto Rico When vacationing, it can be very easy to fill your days with fun and exciting activities that your destination has to offer. But often times the evenings can be an afterthought. Here on the Island of Enchantment,...
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