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15 Mar

Adventure Tourism: Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is the perfect destination for adventure tourism and exciting island excursions. It’s home to lush jungles, rivers, mountains, dry forests and miles of beautiful coastline. From caving to zip-lining, hiking to sailing, Puerto Rico has it all.

Here are our top picks for adventurers are thrill-seekers visiting Puerto Rico:

Snorkeling and Sailing

Puerto Rico boasts excellent sailing and snorkeling. Right here in Fajardo, the crystal-clear waters of Seven Seas Beach feature some of the best snorkeling spots the island has to offer. These shallow waters are swarming with tropical fish, coral, and an abundance of other marine life. When conditions are right, visibility extends from up to 75 feet.

Looking to take it a step further? Many adventurers enjoy exploring Puerto Rico via sailboat charter. In Fajardo, offshore reefs help keep waves down and strong trade winds make it an ideal spot to set sail. There are many nearby companies that offer excursions. Some tours will take you out for a day, while others extend overnight with stops at multiple islands.


Two of the island’s best-known caves are Angels Cave and Ro Camuy Cave Park – both are large and perfect for spelunking. Angels Cave is home to natural pools and striking calcite formations. The brave-hearted can begin their exploration with a 200-foot rappel down Angel’s Sinkhole.

Camuy Caves is one of the world’s largest cave systems. Only a small part of this preserve is open to the public, consisting of 3 sinkholes and 2 caves. But here you can explore a breathtaking underground river, dense tropical vegetation, and the dramatic Clara Cave. While many choose to adventure on foot, you can all use the park’s trolley system to explore. Visitors can also arrange for special tours and rappelling trips through other sections of the park.


Zip-lining is a very popular activity in Puerto Rico, especially in Fajardo. Companies like Yunke Zipline Adventure offer tours through El Yunque National Forest. These tours include four separate zip lines and a 20-minute hike, each of which is done with state of the art safety techniques. They offer two tours per day: a morning session that starts at 9:00 am and a sunset session from 2:00 pm. Both last 3 to 4 hours. For directions from the Fajardo Inn Resort, take a look at their maps page.

Hike El Yunque

El Yunque National Forest is still closed in many areas because of hurricanes Irma and Maria. However, some areas are open, and the forest is a must-see for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers alike. El Yunque features walking trails cloaked with tropical ferns and palm trees. Some lead to hidden waterfalls where hikers are encouraged to cool off. A few more “aggressive” trails lead to mountain summits. In total, El Yunque covers 28,000 acres of mountainous rainforest terrain.

Fajardo Inn offers packages and tours for adventurers of all kinds. For more information, visit our Packages and Tours pages or contact us.