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Parasailing in Puerto Rico

preparing for take-off parasailing

A safe and fun activity on the ocean, parasailing in Puerto Rico has quickly become a favorite among our island travelers. Flights are easy to arrange and no special skills are required: in no time at all you can find yourself suspended from a large parachute wing, connected to a boat that’s leading you around the bay of Fajardo!

If that description doesn’t paint the picture clear enough, imagine this: floating by yourself or with a partner out in the open air, with nothing to your sides or beneath your feet but a long rope that leads down to the boat that’s towing you below. The boat may get to look very small from a paragliding altitude hundreds of feet up, but other than vertigo you have nothing to worry about—the boat and tour guides are totally in control of your sailing, and its operators will have checked all the safety equipment before your flight begins.

Several parasailing operators are available in Puerto Rico; the nearest is A&J Adventure at the Fajardo ferry.