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Most Beautiful Beaches in Puerto Rico

The Caribbean is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and whether you’re looking for water activities or just relaxing you’ve come to the right place. Our resort is close to many of the most popular and beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico.

Seven Seas Beach (Road 987, Fajardo) is only about 5 minutes away from The Fajardo Inn Resort. It’s an excellent place for snorkeling: the shallow waters at Seven Seas are swarming with tropical fish, coral, and an abundance of other marine life.  Offshore reefs help keep the waves down and strong trade winds make it an ideal spot for sailing and windsurfing. Water sports facilities are nearby, along with a string of uninhabited islets that provide a secluded piece of tropical paradise and more fantastic snorkeling.

If you head northeast along the beach for about half a mile, you’ll come across Playa Escondida, or Hidden Beach. If you continue along your path, you’ll end at El Convento Beach, where the governor’s official beach house resides. Endangered sea turtles like to nest in the area so please be respectful of their space. Otherwise, enjoy the white sandy beaches and aquamarine water!

La Monserrate Public Beach is best known around the world as Luquillo Beach.  An emblematic beach for The Caribbean, its photograph has appeared in hundreds of publications as one of the most important tourist attractions in Puerto Rico.  Located on the northeast coast, within the town of Luquillo, (Route 3, Km 35.4, Luquillo) it’s about 15 minutes away from the Inn.  Besides excellent bathing waters and sand, visitors from all over the island and tourists from other countries enjoy its well-kept camping facilities. Everything from modest shacks to sophisticated miniature restaurants line the beach entrance.  Each serves everything from alcoholic beverages and refreshments to traditional seafood fritters and meals.  They all seem to have their own Caribbean beat!

Both Seven Seas and Luquillo Beach are government-run and offer dressing rooms, lifeguards, and parking facilities.  They are open daily between 9am – 5pm with lifeguards on duty.  Mondays and Tuesdays September – March the beach is closed (meaning no lifeguards or facilities, but you can still use the beach).

Choose The Fajardo Inn Resort for your next Puerto Rico beach vacation!