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Zip Lining

Zip Line Tours Puerto Rico 

Men enjoying zip-line flying over the forest

Want a rush of adrenaline without putting yourself in danger? Zip lining is a perfect way to have the best of both worlds! For an extra benefit, the Zip Line Tours Puerto Rico Puerto Rico near the Fajardo Inn Resort are located in the nearby El Yunque National Forest, giving you a special experience you can’t have from the ground.

Yunke Zipline Adventure is the first company that offers such a tour. Their tours include four separate zip lines and a 20 minute hike, each of which are done with state of the art safety techniques. They offer two tours per day: a morning session that starts at 9:00am and a sunset session from 2:00pm. Both last 3 to 4 hours. For directions from the Fajardo Inn Resort, take a look at their maps page.

The Rain Forest Zip Line company is a second option that offers tours for participants six years and older. Their day tour includes 8 lines in 2 hours, while their Firefly night tours offer 5 lines over an hour and a half.

We hope you’ll make a zip line tour part of your next stay at the Fajardo Inn Resort!