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El Yunque National Rainforest

El Yunque Puerto Rico Tours


El Yunque Puerto Rico Tours will take through the United States’ only tropical rainforest. Take a tour with us and make this national treasure part of your next visits.

After departing the hotel, it’s just a short half-hour drive to the El Portal Visitors Center.  There you’ll see a short film about the rainforest, its biodiversity, and its four ecosystems. You’ll also get the chance to visit their souvenir shop or simply walk around the different exhibition galleries about forest’s areas.  After that, we’ll take you to the Yokahu observation tower, to experience the most magical top views of the forest and the east coast of the island.

Then you’re ready to do some adventuring yourself! There are two different walking trails that will take you across Tabonuco forest, waterfalls, bird watching and the magnificence of the forest nature.  You’re also invited to jump in the water at La Mina Fall.  This tour is five hours long, including the transportation time on the excursion van.