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Northeast Ecological Corridor Nature Reserve

Northeast Ecological Corridor

Northeast Ecological Corridor Nature Reserve (RNCEN) is an area of outstanding natural and scenic value in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, and recognized since 1978 by state and federal government and various local and international conservation organizations. This Nature Reserve is located in the coastal strip north of the PR-3 from Sandy Hills condominiums in Luquillo to Seven Seas in Fajardo.

The Northeast Ecological Corridor is home to many natural ecosystems such as coastal forests, wetlands, mangroves, coral reefs, seagrass beds, a bioluminescent lagoon and miles of pristine beaches that provide habitat for more than 50 rare species, critical, threatened or endangered, and unique to Puerto Rico. The beaches of the Corridor are considered some of the most important in the United States for the nesting of leatherbacks – the largest marine turtle in the world. Its natural resources make it an irreplaceable part of our natural heritage.

Underwater panorama with fish and coral