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Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve

Cabezas De San Juan Nature Reserve

las-cabezas-river1 (1)Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve state park is located just north of the Fajardo Inn Resort! Set on 445 acres of land acquired and maintained by The Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico, the reserve is named after three promontories that jut out into the Northern Atlantic – “cabeza” means headland.

Although Las Cabezas de San Juan nature reserve is a somewhat limited area, it is an incredibly diverse and scientifically important tract of land.  Seven distinct coastal ecosystems are featured including: coral reefs, sandy beaches, sub-tropical dry forests, rocky coasts, mangrove forests, sea grass beds and one of the few bioluminescent bays in the world.

The main tour is a two-hour trolley guided ride along the reserve with three stops of interest. Among those are the boardwalk trail through a mangrove forest, Playa Lirios, and El Faro de Fajardo.  Situated on the highest point of las-cabezas-2Cape San Juan, the stone building was the second lighthouse erected on the island by the Spanish.  Officially lit on May 2, 1882, it has been operating uninterrupted to this day.  Inside you’ll find various exhibits related to the lighthouse’s history and surrounding wildlife, as well as an elaborate cast-iron staircase that ascends to the central lantern.  The observation deck offers breathtaking views as trade winds gently blow by.

Make a visit to the park as part of your next stay at The Fajardo Inn!