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2 Sep

5 Reasons Puerto Rico Is Awesome

Discover Puerto Rico For Yourself

Just in case you are not sure of the reasons why Puerto Rico is such an awesome place, we thought we would take a minute to point a few out to you. As if being part of the Caribbean weren’t amazing enough, there is so much more to Puerto Rico than its tropical location. Which let’s face it, being in the Caribbean is a fact that can stand alone itself since it is such an amazing part of the world. But still, we’ve got 5 reasons Puerto Rico is awesome that we’d like to share with you.

  1. Beauty

Puerto Rico is full of beauty. From beautiful beaches to 360 degree views of the lush rainforest. The rolling hills covered with tropical foliage and sunsets are easily appreciated here on the Island of Enchantment.

  1. History

Our island’s history is incredible. Even if you are not a history buff, you will be intrigued by the fascinating history that has taken place right here in Puerto Rico. In fact, just about everywhere you go, you will run into something with historical significance. From lighthouses to watchtowers, there is so much history here to enjoy. Running your hand along the wall of a 500+ year old fort is an incredible experience that will take you back in time, even for just a few moments.

  1. Culture

The culture here in Puerto Rico is also incredible. You will find so many different cultural influences that may surprise you. French, Dutch, British, Spanish, African and the indigenous Taíno influences can be found all over the island.

  1. People

You will also find that the people here in Puerto Rico are friendly and happy. If you need help with something, don’t hesitate to ask – directions, recommendations, etc. People who have tourism-related jobs on our island are especially friendly and will give you fantastic tips and recommendations to help make your trip top notch. Visitors to our island are welcomed here!

  1. Activities

While relaxing at the beach is always a great vacation activity, Puerto Rico has much more to offer. So if you want to get off that beach and explore a bit outside of the sandy shores, you will find tons of great activities to choose from. From exploring and hiking in the rainforest to taking a ferry to one of the Puerto Rican Islands, you could spend many days here without getting bored.