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Romantic Getaways

Romantic Puerto Rico Vacation Packages

When looking for Fajardo, Puerto Rico resorts for your next romantic getaway, consider a stay at Fajardo Inn Resort. We can make your trip even better with one of our Romantic Getaways packages: whether you’re planning a honeymoon or discovering each other all over again, the benefits of these packages are sure to make your time together even better—and at a financial benefit, too.

Click for more details below and see how your stay in Fajardo can become even more romantic.


Honeymoon Package

If a stay in Puerto Rico sounds romantic to you, try a honeymoon stay of three days and two nights!  That’s what you can get with our Honeymoon in Puerto Rico package.  We’re sure that you’ll love staying at the Fajardo Inn—to improve your stay we’re also offering a series of special amenities: a bottle...
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Escape Package

You can enjoy some of the Fajardo Inn Resort’s best features during your next stay at a special price with our Escape package! This stay of 3 days and 2 nights for two will take place at our Presidential Suite, a unique offering among Puerto Rico hotels. Designed to give you a top luxury experience,...
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