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Tropical Gardens

Visiting Tropical Puerto Rico

The owner of the Fajardo Inn enjoys growing a wide variety of tropical plants here in Puerto Rico. Combine this with his obsession to continuously improve our grounds; and we have a beautiful hotel in a unique setting. To compensate for the hotel’s simple architecture, we have surrounded the hotel with an abundant variety of tropical plants and trees, most of which were raised in our onsite nursery.

There are hundreds of tropical fruit trees and over forty species of palms on the property. During the bearing season you can practically pick and eat fruit off the trees while walking on our grounds.  We have added a new variety of fruit trees to our property, it will take some time to grow but the beauty and flavors of the fruits are worthwhile. We added to our gardens longan, rambutan, mangosteen, red guava, purple guava, pitomba, pulasan, edward mango,  mameyito, peanut butter, madroño, durian, persimmon, orange, grapefruit, red pomegranate,  brazilian berry, passionfruit, among others.

The goal for Coco’s Park was to create recreational facilities within a botanical garden setting. We are well on our way to accomplishing this goal. Visit the Fajardo Inn and you will experience, smell, and taste a little piece of our tropical paradise!

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