Bioluminescent Bay

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Bioluminescence—the ability to naturally glow in the dark—is common to many insects and other creatures across the world, but there are only a few bioluminescent bays in Puerto Rico like Laguna Grande!  Here, the plethora of marine life with this special ability makes water that actually glows when stimulated.  All it takes is the wave of a paddle—and there are several companies that can take you on a kayaking trip into the bay!

The many companies you can choose from include  Pure Adventure, Yokahú Kayak Trips, Island Kayaking Adventures, Eco Adventures, Enchanted Island Eco Tours and Eco Action Tours.  Each is located in or near Fajardo.

Each company offers different times and prices throughout the day to fit your schedule.  Tours tend to last about two hours each, and all the equipment you will need are included.   Pure Adventure and some of the other companies offer knowledgeable guides who can teach you more about the history and ecology of the area.  Whichever trip you choose, a change of clothing, towels, light sandals and—of course—waterproof cameras are recommended!

Book a trip in advance and make this especially unique place part of your next stay at the Farjardo Inn Resort!