Puerto Rico Islands


Breathtaking Fajardo Activities

Two nearby Puerto Rico islands, Culebra and Vieques, are well worth the trip to see! They can be reached by taking a 90 minute scenic ferry ride, or a 10 minute plane ride. There you can find a variety of shops, restaurants, beautiful beaches and sites that you will not find anywhere else.

Culebra, the closer and smaller of the two Islands, is located about 25 miles off the east coast of Puerto Rico. Here, you should visit Flamenco Beach during your visit: it’s about a mile long and rarely crowded, with plenty of great areas to go snorkeling and look at coral. Other beaches in Culebra include Brava, Resaca and Zoni. All of them are great for diving and snorkeling.

Located 3.5 miles off Culebra is Culebrita, a smaller island home to the Culebrita Lighthouse, which is considered one of the more picturesque lighthouses in the Antilles.

Vieques is also another favorite of all Puerto Rico activities. Here you can find beautiful palm-lined beaches such as Sun Bay, Media Luna and Navio. In the town of Esperanza, you can board a boat at night that will bring you by Mosquito Bay. Mosquito Bay has a type of marine plankton that glows green and blue when it is disturbed—a beautiful and eerie sight! Another lighthouse located in the town of Isabell II marks Spain’s final military fortress in the New World.

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Ferry Service Itineraries:

Fajardo to Culebra (7 days/week & holidays)

  • » 9:00 am
  • » 3:00 pm
  • » 7:00 pm

Culebra to Fajardo (7 days/week & holidays)

  • » 6:00 am
  • » 1:00 pm
  • » 5:00 pm

Fajardo to Vieques (Monday to Friday)

  • » 9:30 am
  • » 1:00 pm
  • » 4:30 pm
  • » 8:00 pm

Fajardo to Vieques (Saturday, Sunday & Monday Holidays)

  • » 9:00 am
  • » 3:00 pm
  • » 6:00 pm

Vieques to Fajardo (Monday to Friday)

  • » 6:30 am
  • » 11:00 am
  • » 3:00 pm
  • » 6:00 pm

Vieques to Fajardo (Saturday, Sunday & Monday Holidays)

  • » 6:30 am
  • » 1:00 pm
  • » 4:30 pm

A one way ticket to Culebra costs $2.25 per person. A one way ticket to Vieques costs $2.00 per person. Parking is available at the public lot by the ferry dock for about $5.00 per day.

Cargo Ferry

Voyage is about 1 1/2 hours. The cargo ferry also takes passengers. Passengers do not need reservations. However, reservations are required for cars, and car should be at the ferry dock at least one hour before departure. Schedules are subject to change and should be verified ahead of time.

Monday Through Friday

  • » 3:30 am        Fajardo - Culebra
  • » 7:00 am        Culebra - Fajardo
  • » 4:00 pm        Fajardo - Culebra
  • » 6:00 pm        Culebra - Fajardo

Wednesday & Friday

  • » 10:00 am        Fajardo - Culebra
  • » 1:00 pm         Culebra - Fajardo

For vehicle and cargo fares, call the Ports Authority.

Puerto Rico Ports Authority
Phone Numbers --- Culebra (787) 742-3161
Fajardo (787) 863-0705, (787) 863-0852

Air Service

~ Air Flamenco
Flights on demand to Vieques, Culebra and Fajardo
Culebra: 787-742-1040
Fajardo: 787- 801-8256

~ Isla Nena Air Service
This is a non-scheduled on demand Air Carrier which normally offers several flights a day to Culebra, Fajardo and Vieques.
Toll Free 877-812-5144 or 866-208-1130

~ Vieques Air Link 
Serving Vieques, several cities on the "big island" of Puerto Rico, Culebra, the US and British Virgin Islands Offers on demand flights to and from Fajardo to the following places: Vieques, Culebra, St. Croix and British Virgin Islands. 
Toll Free 888-901-9247

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