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Things to Do in Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Things to do in Puerto Rico

Fajardo Inn proudly presents its list of extraordinary things to do in Puerto Rico. If you are interested in going home with some good stories you came to the right place. Puerto Rico is an island of adventure.

Explore our gorgeous El Yunque rainforest with its captivating nature and incredible waterfalls. Raft through a mangrove covered channel to experience the famous glowing lagoon at our Bio Bay. Parasail over tropical blue Caribbean waters. Take in a bit of Puerto Rico’s culture at Old San Juan or go horseback riding along the coast. The list is endless. Click blow to find your thrill and start making memories.    


Our Activities


Couples Itinerary

Plan a Romantic Trip to Puerto Rico Palm trees, beaches, and romantic activities made Puerto Rico a couple’s paradise. There are many activities and attractions to keep you and your loved one busy around the island as well as plenty of activities at Fajardo Inn Resort to help you reconnect and relax. Below is a...
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One of the most memorable Fajardo, Puerto Rico activities for your vacation is a trip to some of the beautiful spots in the area. Puerto Rico is known for its rainforest-like environment and these local areas don’t disappoint. Be sure to make time for a walk in the wilderness solo or with a tour company.

Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve

Las Cabezas de San Juan state park is located just north of the Fajardo Inn Resort!  Located on 445 acres of land acquired and maintained by The Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico, the reserve is named after three promontories that jut out into the Northern Atlantic – “cabeza” means headland. Although the Las Cabezas de...
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During your time at Fajardo Inn Resort be sure to make time to experience some of our country’s rich culture. Nearby, there are many Puerto Rico attractions that highlight the beauty and history of our nation and people. Take a short drive to San Juan or explore the sights right here in Fajardo to get...
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A trip to Puerto Rico and Fajardo Inn Resort can be just what the doctor ordered. With such a variety of things to do in Puerto Rico, bringing along family and friends can make for the perfect vacation for everyone. If you enjoy getting outside and active while on your getaways consider some of the...
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Fajardo Things To Do The history of Puerto Rico is reflected in its literature, art, music and architecture.  You can get a closer look at it on one of the many Fajardo tours near our inn.  These include Fajardo scuba diving and snorkeling tours, as well as Fajardo kayak tours.  On land, you can have...
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Enjoying Puerto Rico’s Scenic Beaches You can’t visit Fajardo Inn Resort without making time to get out on the water for one of the activities in Puerto Rico we are most famous for. Just down the road from the resort are some of Puerto Rico’s most beautiful beaches or if adventure is more you’re thing,...
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Family Activities

Puerto Rico Family Vacation Puerto Rico has the perfect climate and activities for a family visit any time of year. Whether for a holiday break or summer vacation, plan your next group trip to one of the best Puerto Rico family resorts, Fajardo Inn Resort. Our property is full of activities and amenities that make...
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